Steps to Download Free Garmin Map Updates

Want to download new Garmin maps for your device? Well, let us help you ease your work with the following steps and procedure.

Note: You may download free Garmin map updates using Garmin Express or via the myGarmin account. However, we strongly recommend using Garmin Express on Windows or Mac operating system. 

Follow the steps in given sequence to avoid any problem in future.
System Requirement for free Garmin map updates
Make sure you have the following things with you before you start with Garmin map update download process.
  • A compatible computer
  • High-speed Internet
  • Garmin GPS device// A Micro SD card
  • An Ethernet Cable 
These all are mandatory if you want to complete Garmin map updates process without any error. 

How to Download Free Garmin Map updates on device?

See the steps below for the map updates download and install procedure.

Download Garmin Express from a reliable source- in order to avoid any malware attack on your device. Check and compare the Garmin express setup file with your OS before you download it on your system. 
  1. To begin, connect your GPS device to computer.
  2. Then, open Garmin Express program installed in device. 
  3. Once GPS device detects, tap on ‘Add Device’ box on Garmin Express window. 
  4. Next, register your device using Garmin email address. In case, you don’t have one-then, create your Garmin account. 
  5. You may even add a nickname for device (optional). 
  6. After successful registration, check out free Garmin map updates on Express dashboard. 
  7. Click on ‘Install’ button next to the available updates. Check the update details by expanding them.
Your Garmin free map update will install automatically. However, you may even install these Garmin map updates manually.
You should go for the manual process only if you’re good with technical stuff.

Download Free Garmin map updates using myGarmin

  1. Create and login myGarmin account using any browser window.
  2. Then, add and register your device on the account. To do so, click on Register button under my Products section.
  3. Then, provide the product details and other information as asked. 
  4. However, before you register your product, make sure that the Garmin GPS device is connected with computer.
  5. After this process completes, you may even subscribe for new Garmin free map update download.
  6. Finally, check the map update available for your device.
  • In case, you want to download free Garmin map update, click on ‘Install’ button next to available updates on home screen of your account. 
  • For paid updates, go to myMaps tab and check for the paid Garmin map updates.
In a nutshell, these are some of the steps to download free Garmin Map Updates on device. However, if you have any issue relating map updates download or install, contact Map update support team @888-250-4888.